Greenpoint, October, 2015

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fog Fobia?

Do my eyes deceive me?
That, reader, is the Gowanus Expressway crossing the canal at about 8:30 PM on a very misty Tuesday night. Not the peak of rush hour, but always jammed at least until the BQE and the access road to the Batttery Tunnel diverge. One car ahead of me? How is it possible? I've noticed this phenomenon before. In heavy fog, there seem to be fewer cars on the road. Could it be that New Yorkers so don't like driving in the fog that they take public transportation or stay home? If only I could bring in Adrienne Barbeau on KAB broadcasting from a lighthouse in John Carpenter's classic 1980 film.


  1. Oh wait, is that a different Adrienne Barbeau movie?

  2. It's not an Adrienne Barbeau movie at all. But if the public wants an Everybody Wins (Debra Winger) series on BTB, that's what it will get!