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Monday, May 26, 2014

Parking In Rhode Island - Then & Now

A weekend in Rhode Island always brings unexpected pleasures. The Providence Journal's CarsJournal Archives posts a car-related photograph from the Pro Jo archives and invites readers' comments. This one is from Providence in 1947.
(Courtesy Providence Journal)
Both readers who commented identified the car at the meter as a 1942 Oldsmobile and the cars across the street as a DeSoto, Buick, and Chevrolet, with some slight disagreement about the years and models. Closer to where your correspondent was staying, in Westerly, where there are no meters, FOTB Dan Allen was delighted by this sign by the municipal parking lot downtown.

Apparently the organizers of the art fair in Wilcox Park wanted to save the primo spots for the the buyers.


  1. That big shiny '42 Olds seems to have imparted a bit of its sleek metallic beauty to the man inserting his coin in the meter. If it weren't 1947, I'd almost be tempted to say he isn't real.

    If it WERE 1947, I'd be grateful for the shiny, metallic fresh start. Hey, this time around let's reduce our emissions!

    (David, have you ever actually been behind the wheel of a car with an engine approaching the heroic size of those of the original lovely Detroit Iron dinosaurs? Driving my '54 Olds, I felt almost as powerful as, oh say the Commander of the Sixth Fleet. But the world still had room in it for all that airborne carbon, then, he said...)

    The organizers of the patriotic art fair not only appear less than generous toward their artists (so what else is new?), but you've got to wonder if the didn't go into selling art because they were having such poor luck with their line of quality FURNITU E.

  2. Tom, I was also struck by the unearthly, not to say alien quality of the man feeding the meter. To answer your question, alas no, I have never had the pleasure of driving any of those Detroit dinosaurs. The closest I came was a couple of early 70s pre-gas crisis boats. But I suppose it's not too late. A summer project!

    (Maybe the missing "R" is for aRts?)

  3. Let the artists pick their own damn parking!