Greenpoint, October, 2015

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dark Pond

I arrived at my hotel just in time for a powerful thunderstorm. As it cleared, I took this shot from my (screened) hotel window over the manmade pond below.

In the morning, I took a walk along the boardwalk that runs along the pond and behind the shops and restaurants of a created Main Street.

All quiet with the swan boats. The merry-go-round across the pond was still. Good morning, Montgomery County.


  1. David, I swear you must be the universal master of the self-created genre of photography through screens.

    Last summer's screen photo haunted me for months. Even now I can still imagine being transformed into a fly.

    One does enjoy a pink swan boat, but only after seven.

    But then, I suppose that's what they all used to say about Geena Davis. Before she took up the archery.

  2. Tom, I do like the way shooting through screens affects the photograph in unpredictable ways. So far my shooting has been from the inside out, doing it the other way round I guess would be the definition of Peeping Tom? I'm off to track down your Geena Davis reference! Cheers, here's me swan boat!

  3. The Fly (1986)

    The archery came a bit later... I believe the Olympics were the intended destination.

    (I suppose a fly on the wall at the Olympics might stray off after a few of those endless decathlon trials and go looking for the swan boats...?)

  4. Thanks, Tom. Great to see the young Geena in the trailer. Maybe after taking up the bow, Be afraid, be very afraid, was even more appropriate.

  5. Geena Zeros In with Bow and Arrows

    "I had one problem there. I couldn't figure out when to go to the bathroom."

    You see -- movie stars are just like ordinary folks. Another thing that proves this is the greatest country on earth.

  6. Here you get The Look (Scrunchface)... and the Zen: "You must just let each arrow go, and concentrate on the next one"

    What's left of one of my several failing organs -- the large grey one in the head, remembering that in people with low weight the head is responsible for a disproportionate share of body mass -- pops up at this point, much as an unscheduled geyser in the Muddy Pool of Knowledge, to remind that Daryl Hannah also went down this yellow platinum off-road, trying to make the Olympics with bow and arrow, sometime just before she went all in on the European racing car fleet -- each vehicle of course powered by Bio-Fuel to ameliorate the footprint, if not positively erase it (the gigantic sleeping detail freak in me did worry about the sadness of each of those individual ears of corn... but these sepia years are increasingly like that.).