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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mr. de Blasio, Tear Down this Wall

All fall and winter, covered in burlap. We awaited the unveiling of the "Uplands." From the BQE, an ungainly, unnatural shape, like a levy wall or a strip mine.

From Brooklyn Bridge Park, a "sound attenuating hill" (below) meant to block the unpleasant reality of the BQE as it passes below the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. I suppose it's sour grapes, but that short stretch of the westbound BQE, just after you passed beneath the Brooklyn Bridge and before you entered "the Trench," used to offer a glorious view of the East River and the Harbor. (The photo above is from the eastbound BQE, from where you can still see above the Wall.)


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  1. Well, I suppose if you've got an artificially constructed hill (then again, is there such a thing as a "naturally constructed" anything?) -- what is it, anyway, a mound of landfill, right? -- you may as well find a use for it.

    On the other hand, a good set of wax earplugs would serve much the same purpose (sound-attenuation).

    (Maybe there's even an "organic" kind -- with the "all natural" wax -- does that sound right? Or would a matching set of sour grapes perhaps do just as well?)

    At the end of this extended meditation I am left wondering about that broad horizontal area of shade encroaching upon the foreground in the lower shot.

    The formidable shadow of The Uplands??