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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Into the Queens District (1975)

British Pathé, the legendary producer of newsreel documentaries, has digitized its archive of newsreel and documentary footage. Here are a couple minutes of unused footage from 1975. Most of it on the BQE in Queens.

And here is the charming and not very accurate information posted by Pathé:
Travel scenes from car driving along large street. Lots of Yellow taxis in evidence. Tall skyscrapers are clearly visible. Travel continues over large bridge 0 the Brooklyn Bridge. VS along highway - road signs unclear. One says 'Queens Blvd'. Car appears to be driving into the Queens district. Carries on along Roosevelt Blvd. The road goes under lots of bridges. Travel shots from boat along river - under various bridges.

Enjoy the drive. But don't rely on Pathé for directions!

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  1. Ha, this is great! I've been exploring these new releases too, & agree with you about the misleading information. The commentary is often pretty insular too. But some good material. Did you catch the bridge jumper, taking a couple of drags before he plunges into the East River? No sad ending thankfully - he emerges in good shape.