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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Established 1919

I've passed this little used car lot at the intersection of Broadway and Northern Boulevard (across from the Orange Hut) many times. It wasn't until I was stopped at the light there a few days ago that I noticed the claim, "Established 1919." That is a long time to be selling used cars--or cars at all.

When I came back today to photograph, I noticed the same lonely one-rimmed chariot I'd seen there the last time. Closed on a Saturday morning.... Not a good sign for a used car lot. I walked the perimeter: It took about a minute. The establishment date was proudly displayed on all four sides.

What must it have been like to sell cars--or do whatever A&B Lewis set out to do? Here's an image from the NYPL digital collection of Broadway and 51st Street (three blocks away) in 1923 (four years after the company founding):

Where once stood a Woodside house, now stand the Woodside Houses project.

An Internet search came up with nothing about the company except minimal listings on various business sites. Who were A. and B.? Was this the original location, under the then new Pennsylvania Railroad viaduct. Is it still in business? Do I dare call the number? Fortunately, morbid thoughts were blown away by this beautiful SS parked across Broadway. Alas, not for sale.

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