Greenpoint, October, 2015

Sunday, March 23, 2014


30th St. between Fifth and Madison. The familiar no-parking notice for an upcoming filming.

Intriguing title. Are you a person of interset?


  1. Everywhere I go today here is No Parking.

    If it's not a water tower, it's a film location.

    This is becoming... intersetting.

  2. Thanks, Tom. I hadn't made the connection when I commented on your post John Ashbery: They Dream Only of America ( No Parking is the sign of our times. And we just keep circling.

  3. I'd guessed that, David, and was joking about the "connection" (of course).

    There's no parking here ever, either, but that's because it's the freeway feeder, nonstop high velocity traffic. In the rare moment when a spot comes open, a car quickly nips in to grab it. But getting out's the rub. A too common occurrence is the parked-car-backs-out-oncoming-car-swerves-mayhem-ensues event series. We have lots of those. In fact, now that I'm stuck inside, watching those events happen is (hate to say I'm down to this) what passes as a nondriver's entertainment.

    But bottom line, keep on circling. Never get out of the car. They'll run you over. Unless your drivers are more polite than the ones here.

    Which I doubt somehow. Though I suppose you do have speed limits. A civilized invention that hasn't caught on here yet.