Greenpoint, October, 2015

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Carathon Man

How do you remember Marathon Man from 1976? Nazi dentist movie? Sure. But do you recall the slow motion car chase from still very German Yorkville (when there was still a Karl Ehmer store there) towards Central Park that sets in motion the complicated plot? Or this beautiful shot of Amsterdam Avenue at 116 St. that establishes Hoffman as a Columbia history grad student (dissertation topic: Tyranny in U.S. history):

How about this shot of Hoffman and the mysterious Swiss girlfriend (Marthe Keller) arriving at upstate rendezvous with his likely assassins:

Cellphone photos from Netflix streaming video. Cheap. But who can resist?


  1. The HOT Rock was on PBS (back in january)--its a fun story (a heist of a diamond goes wrong is so many ways!) but its also a great NY movie.. It starts at the Nassau prison (just behind the very recognizable NCMC on Hempstead parkway Hempstead) and move around NY by car and air (the WTC is underconstructions)---a real NYers movie (how many sites to you recognize--and can you place (in queens, in brooklyn, in manhattan)