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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Finisher

Woodbury, NJ - 1971
I gave my college students a writing assignment tonight. I asked them to think about their first job. Then visualize a particular spot they associated with the job. To give them a nudge, I talked about my high school job at Dunkin' Donuts in Norwich, Connecticut. I described the stainless steel bench where I "finished" the doughnuts, i.e., pumped 'em, sugared 'em, and frosted 'em. The smell of stale donuts, ammonia, and strawberry jam....

"How long has Dunkin' Donuts been around?" one of my students interrupted.

"How old do you think I am?" I asked.

The answer to my student's question is 63 years. Just a few more than your humble correspondent has been.

(Image from Woodbury, NJ township publication. Courtesy JSF0864 photo stream.)


  1. Is that a photograph of the first Dunkin Donuts? Where is it? See if you can work in something about license plates next time...

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    1. New info. That's Woodbury, NJ. First store in Quincy, MA. No surprise there, the heart of the Donut Belt.