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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


What in Gödel's name am I looking at? Fair question. It's a map of the NYC metropolitan area showing all the Starbucks locations (green dots), and, of those, the ones slated to close during the 2008 corporate reorganization (black dots). In order to test the role competition might have played in the closures, our friends at the Esri DC Development Center added 'magenta' dots for all Dunkin' Donuts locations in the catchment area.

I've studied this pretty closely, and it looks like the two heaviest bands of magenta follow the paths of the BQE-Gowanus and Van Wyck expressways. This data is a bit dated so I did a quick check on Mapmuse and discovered there were approximately 25 Dunkin' Donuts stores within five blocks (or so) of the BQE or Gowanus expressways. There are about 6 or 7 Starbucks stores within the same range (heaviest concentration Dumbo/Brooklyn Heights and Bay Ridge). I guess it's safe to say, the BQE still runs on Dunkin'. (Bonus: Now I know that DD color is actually called magenta.)

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  1. But don't forget the Dunkin Donuts that has the drive thru EZ on and EZ off on I-95 in Pawtucket (or is it in Central Falls?). You know, where the wicked fat kid works?