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Sunday, March 10, 2013

No Celebs in Jackson Heights

"Don't call us..."
I came across this moving truck on a bright Saturday morning. The first things that caught my attention were the hockey images and names painted above the truck's cab. The goalie is meant to be "Zack" and the referee "Robert." (Who would choose to associate themselves with a referee? Maybe an actual referee?) Then I got caught up in the not particularly effective erasures on truck's front and side panels. The last four digits of the phone number (1350) are gone. Along with the first four letters of (I'm guessing) the previous owner's company name (CELE). Leaving this BRITY MOVING.
Moving on

Punch it into Google. No direct hit. Just a long list of Britney Spears posts, like this one from the Daily Mail from January: "The smile that says it all: Britney Spears cheerily waves at fans as she puts Jason Trawick split behind her." Who the hell is Jason Trawick? Good lord, I've fallen behind on my Britney gossip.

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