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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MTA Appreciation Day

Walking tall
The MTA, and specifically the subways division, has come in for a fair amount of criticism on this blog. Sure the stairway at 82nd St. that was supposed to be repaired by Oct. 21 is still boxed up... Sure, I've nicknamed the 7 the "4 1/2" based on how many days a week it runs... Sure, sure, sure. But when I read today on the Daily News site that subway service would resume on Thursday, just three days after the monumental devastation of Sandy... Well, helmets off to the men and women of the MTA for all the hard, dirty work that must have cost--and will cost for days or weeks ahead. It's limited service, to be sure, and it goes without saying that the 7 is not among the lines that will be restarted tomorrow. Still, we can't wait for the screeching wheels, the stinky cars (oh, just imagine the ones that have been flooded), the conductors yelling at us to pull our bags in. Bring it all on!

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