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Monday, October 29, 2012

Better for the BQE?

Point blank
With Sandy bearing down, it will be a quiet day on the BQE. A good time to catch up with politics. Reader, you've probably been wondering which of the candidates for president would be better for the BQE and our nation's aging, not to say failing, transportation infrastructure. Today, I offer BTB's coveted endorsement for President.

An analysis of the candidates' positions by Architectural Record summed it up this way:

"The current administration encourages cities and states to spend federal money on projects that enhance the public realm....  Romney’s domestic agenda has essentially one goal: spend less money.... If you speak with advocates for cities, transportation spending, or smart growth, you will often hear a hopeful refrain: that if Romney wins he may govern as the moderate former governor, not the conservative who ran for president. But Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, author of a budget plan more extreme than his own, as his running mate is not an encouraging sign for urbanists."

The Duke
Romney's oft cited record of spending money on public transportation when he was governor of Massachusetts is belied in a fiery and entertaining interview with Matt Dellinger from Transportation Nation with his predecessor, Mike Dukakis. (The interview is worth reading for several reasons. First, he sounds tougher on Romney than Obama. Second, we learn about the Duke courting Kitty in a little yellow Rambler.)

Dellinger: I agree that where money is appropriated, to what mode, is a very key factor in determining outcome. And when I looked into Romney’s budget, he did seem to put his dollars where his mouth was. 

Dukakis: Just couldn’t execute. That was his problem. Couldn’t execute.
Dellinger: That sounds so subjective, though. What exactly does that mean? 
Dukakis: He couldn’t get it done.
Dellinger: His DOT couldn’t get things done… on time?
Dukakis: He just wasn’t engaged. I mean that’s Romney. He’s kind of out there someplace. He just doesn’t get into it. 
Without hesitation, Be the BQE's first-ever endorsement goes to former Governor Michael Dukakis!

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