Greenpoint, October, 2015

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


(Photo: Dave Beckerman)
The New York Times reports that former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik was taken from temporary custody in Lower Manhattan yesterday to testify at the State Supreme Court in the Bronx in a perjury case against two former cronies. Their perjury involved lying to the Feds about low-cost no-cost renovations to Kerik's apartment. While the Times did not specify the exact location, there's a good chance Bernie was staying at the Manhattan Detention Center, aka, "The Tombs," and briefly, the Bernard B. Kerik Complex. Yup, Mayor Giuliani had the buildings dedicated to his protege in 2001. Mayor Bloomberg changed the name in 2006 immediately after Kerik pleaded guilty to accepting $165,000 in home renovation work and another $28,000 in a loan from a real estate developer.

I wonder if Rudy dropped by to pay Bernie a visit?

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