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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Newclear Proliferation

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What will our Nanny Mayor take on next after his war on the Supersize Soft Drinks (WMDs)? I have a suggested target that could benefit us all: Subterranean Sprawl. MTA riders share a very small space, and generally we do it well. And some people are just going to take up more space based on body size. Fine. But do we really need to artifically expand what God (and/or McDonalds) gave us? On both sides, no less? Let's tighten it up people. We all just need a little personal space.

I once witnessed this episode on a 1 train: A very slight young woman began to sit down onto a bench on which three people were sitting. Her slightly larger would-be seatmate (also a young woman) refused to slide over, even though there was plenty of room. "These are for three people, not four," she lectured. Hey, New Yorkers, let's make getting three on a bench comfortably a goal for 2012?

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