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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Chris Christie Fan

Emerging into the sun-dappled rotunda of the Frank R. Lautenberg Railway Station in Secaucus this morning, I noticed a table staffed by a cop and a vaguely authoritative figure in a pink shirt and tie. But what was on the table? Pamphlets? Inflatable neck pillows to ease NJT passengers' stress and strain? No, it was the Garden State's response to the the second crippling heatwave of the summer: Jersey Boys fans.
Exercise plan too

In an instant, an image came into my head of the same fans with Chris Christie's mug emblazoned on them instead. Sorry I am not proficient in the dark arts of PhotoShop to mock one up. You'll just have to imagine yourself looking across a bus or subway aisle and seeing a row of Christies batting back and forth. Sure, Christie's face would cover a pretty good-sized fan, but if we can get the reproachful finger on as well, imagine the cooling power!
The hot air that cools (Photo: AP)

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