Greenpoint, October, 2015

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Streetlight Serenade

Drawings of LIE at BQE facing east
This archival drawing comes from Jeff Saltzman's Streetlights & Highways Blog. Yes, a blog about streetlights. What an eccentric!

Here's Jeff's description of the drawing:

The top drawing is from the late 60's, before the construction began for the upper deck and not long after the SLECO bigloops replaced the eliptical armed poles and incandescent lights, that still graced the BQE. The westbound LIE exit for the southwest bound BQE indeed had a traffic light, and poles along the ramp sported little razor-like sensors that I assume were clocking traffic, probably in preparation for the reconstruction of this whole scene. The sensors were appended to normal eliptical crookarms. The brown stains at the top were from old Cellophane tape, which I used to connect reams of these legal pad sheets together. After I made a linked set of the newer LIE doubledeck setup, I disconnected the old version, of which the top view was part of, and spliced in the new version, below [see below].


  1. But what of poppet valves for 1929?

  2. For Steam Men! Very appropriate comment in this Flann O'Brien Centenary (Yes!). Look for a posting soon on "Myles na Gopaleen: Your Man the True Inventor of the Blog."

  3. I am pouring myself the inevitable glass of Pernod to await further posts.