Greenpoint, October, 2015

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ghost Train

The rumors are true. There is a number 13 train that the MTA workers take out periodically in the wee wee hours, skipping all stops, and planning the most infernal and paralyzing service interruptions imaginable. I guess they just forgot to take the sign off this car I encountered on an otherwise normal 7 train.

Not unlike the seals near Dublin, which Flann O'Brien (or more properly, Myles na Gopaleen) reports, "the brother says do often come up out of the water at night-time and do be sittin above in the trams when they're standin in the stables. And they do be upstairs too. Begob, the brother says it's a great sight of a moonlit night to see your men with the big mustaches on them sittin upstairs in the trams lookin out. And they do have the wives and young wans along with them, of course."

"Is that a fact?"

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