Greenpoint, October, 2015

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jersey Love

(Time Life Pictures)
With Bridgegate rearing its Chris Christie-size head, reviving memories of "traffic problems in Fort Lee," bombs in Elizabeth and Seaside, New Jersey is having another rough month. It's nice to read a little old-fashioned Jersey pride. A nice piece by David Hajdu from the Chronicle of Higher Education tells the story of his early infatuation with rock and roll, picked up in large part, listening to the table-side jukeboxes at the Gateway Diner on Route 22 in Phillipsburg, where his mother was a waitress. (His father was toll collector on the bridge across the Delaware River.) According to Hajdu's mother, the Beatles dropped in (or maybe it was the Stones...). Leonard Bernstein loved the pudding. A fun read. Makes me want to head west....

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