Greenpoint, October, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

At Carl's Jr., in Gorman

From Danger on Peaks by Gary Snyder:
Route 5, Gorman, CA. (Photo: George Garrigues. Source: Wikipedia)
To Go

Slopes of grassy mountains rise steep up from the narrow town
of Gorman north of LA on the route of the 5. Clusters of bush and
spans of spring wildflowers in bloom: California poppy, lupine,
paintbrush, fiddlebacks--blue, orange, and yellow--arching across
the slopes above. Afternoon angle to the sun. "Gorman" painted on
a hillside water tower. At Carl's Jr. in Gorman, getting coffee, I say
to the truck driver just parked on a slant and walked in behind me,
"those things are really huge, how the hell do you drive them." He says,
"they're really easy."--"still, you have to find a place to park"--
He laughs, "yeah you do."

Heading north toward Tejon Pass
humming ant-column vehicles
six, eight lanes wide
curving through a gap in the vertical
cowflank-tan mountains, tops out of sight
sprinkled with spring flowers

bigrig parked by the water tower
sun, cars, hills, coffee--all
to go

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