Greenpoint, October, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In Plein Sight

The BTB was tipped off a while back by Robyn Love of a real-time painting going on right under our noses in the little triangle of formed between the LIE, the exit ramp to 48th St. (just off the BQE on the Queens side), and 48th St. itself. Demonstrating true esprit de blog, she got herself out there in time to meet the artist and get a snap of him with the work. Meet Daniel DaSilva.
(Photo: Robyn Love)
The BTB's own Research Bureau was a bit slower on the uptake. When we finally got out there this morning, we found the site--after a completely unnecessary roundtrip across the Kosciuszko Bridge--but with no artist in sight. It seems like unlikely spot to celebrate, at first. But looking at Daniel's work (in progress, from his website), you begin to appreciate the grandeur of it.

Like standing beneath a Roman aqueduct, perhaps. (Better, actually, since it's exceptionally well served by buses, one from Queens and one from Brooklyn.)

Sorry I didn't get to meet the artist in situ. You can see some more of his work on his website

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  1. Sorry you missed meeting him! You could have done a collaborative project exploring the Low Line of the BQE with words and images.