Greenpoint, October, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Nothing if not timely, BTB catches up on the devastating fire at the Marly Supply Company lumberyard in Greenpoint in early January. The Daily News story provides some amazing photographs of the event, which necessitated shutting down the BQE for some hours.
(Source: New York Daily News)
How many thousands of times have I driven by the Marly sign? It's a favorite, with its mix of language, typography, and iconography (the backhoe and rearing horse). I photographed/posted it one rainy night in December (see below).

I just assumed the Chinese characters meant Marly. I was driving by the sign about a week ago with a friend who reads Chinese. She looked at the sign and laughed: "Oh, it says 'horse power.'"

I am glad to know it. And glad it is still there.

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