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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fun on Boxing Day

There are several accounts of how Boxing Day (December 26) gets its name. Putting things in boxes (and bags) and taking them to the dump (transfer station) seems as good a version as any.
Here is your correspondent's brother Tony beside the well-stuffed Subaru (which doubles in summer as a beach wagon) at our parents' place in Westerly, RI.
No need to separate bottles, cans, papers, and cardboard these days.
We had no paints to recycle, but if you do, the Westerly dump is well organized and equipped to handle it, along with televisions, electronics, propane tanks, dry wood, sheet rock, and much more. (Official site here.)
Clean as a whistle. For some reason, the next generation has not enthusiastically embraced this Boxing Day tradition. Perhaps it didn't grow up on "Alice's Restaurant," as ours did.

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