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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Begob, Here's Me 'Bus

Sixth Ave. and 35th St., Monday after a Thanksgiving weekend. Mild temperatures and... what's that parked along the curb by Macy's?
Bus #9098 from the NYCTA's (now MTA) vintage bus fleet. Just sitting there, front door wide open, no driver in sight. A paper sign taped inside one of the passenger windows helpfully informs us that this two-tone green GM Model 5106 was purchased along with 120 others in 1958. It was in operation from then until 1972 on Brooklyn and Staten Island routes. Not a bad run. Here's the view from the driver's seat.
Looking back: How many New Yorkers have claimed one of those wraparound fiberglass seats?

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  1. cool! those back seats look like such prime real estate - so much more leg room.