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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Second Hand Rant

From my favorite WFMU program, (More Than A Few) Exciting Moments with Frank O'Toole (September 29, 2014):

I told you about Henry Mancini and Jane Horrocks earlier, right? OK. My complaint, yeah. The electronic billboards. When I drive here, I take the highway to get different places to get there, to get here. And the billboards are now, it's sort of like, well, it's.... Everything's quick and it's [snaps fingers three or four times] what happened yesterday, what happened a couple minutes ago. And what happens is you'll see like a TV promo or a movie promo, and you're driving down and you're looking at the end of one of those things, the promo thing, and it goes from there into Lawyers, Inc., or something.
These different ... electronic billboards, it's getting on my nerves. It's sort of like what's happening on line with, you know, the Internet, as far as things are happening now and then it's over, as I speak. So the electronic billboards, I just feel like it's gonna to hurt somebody, somebody's going to drive off the cliff watching a TV show promo.

So I don't like the electronic billboards. I guess that's my thing. But if you stay, if you like basically pull over, you can watch all the different promos and the commericals you want, but then you're driving by so you won't get it. Everything's so quick, everything's so large fast.

Anyway that's me. This is a live webcast, a live playlist webcast at I said my name's Frank O'Toole doing my webcast here on a Monday. Live playlist as it's happening now. And so, send comments, that's all I can tell you. Next thing is something new but it's old by the Stroke Band, Stroke Band featuring Don Fleming. It's from 78, 79 era. And we will here Janie's Living in a Cell. So, we'll go for that now. And stay tuned, OK? Enjoy the webcast here at WFMU.ORG. [Music]

You can here the rant and also FXO's great music mix here (rant starts at about 39 minute mark).

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