Greenpoint, October, 2015

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yellow Hour

Slow traffic on the BQE East, late afternoon in late August.


  1. Totally brilliant visual poetry, speaking more softly than a thousand words and carrying an invisible very big stick. (Not that tedium isn't wonderful, but I'd bet even the infinitely vacuous Andy Warhol would have found that sultry, stifling unseen traffic jam just the wee bit tiresome...)

  2. Thanks, Tom. Andy Warhol stuck in traffic is interesting to think about. How about stuck in a car with Chris Christie?

  3. Yegads!

    I am put in mind of the reading tour embarked upon by Amy Lowell approximately a century ago. She traveled in a specially fitted-out Pierce Arrow, as I recall, with a unique set of double rear tires, evidently required to support her enormous... what did the circumlocution used to be... avoirdupois?

    Amy, Chris and Andy would make a lovely threesome for a great road trip.

    An elephant, a blimp and a feather.

    Bon voyage!