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Monday, June 9, 2014

Potomac on the Gowanus

Every June, the American Academy of Arts and Letters, throws a party--a very quiet party--at its incredible gallery space at the end of the Audubon Terrace on Broadway between 155th and 156th St.  The Academy celebrates newly elected members in visual art, literature, architecture, and music. The exhibit is a wildly mixed bag but always offers surprises. It's up for one more weekend. Here are a couple pieces that caught my interest.

The Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility designed by Sims Municipal Recycling (2013). This is the Tipping Building. Has there ever been a better name for a building on a canal? Or for a tugboat?
Photo: Nikolas Koenig
"This 140,000 sf recycling facility processes New York City's curbside metal, glass, and plastic recyclables and features a public education center. The eleven-acre master plan creates distinct circulation zones for visitors, truck deliveries, and pedestrians. Utilizing pre-engineered building components made from recycled steel the facility projects a dynamic face on the Brooklyn waterfront."

Massimo Scolari's Gas Station Inn. Does it remind you of a New York City highway?

Robert Adam's Firebreak above East Highlands, California (1982). Does it not say it all?

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