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Friday, June 6, 2014

Breaking News! Kentile Signing Off?!

The New York Times and The Gothamist both reporting the iconic Kentile Floors sign in Brooklyn may be demolished, according to a permit filed with the DOB. While the company closed in 1992, the sign has remained as a symbol of Brooklyn's industrial history.
(Photo: The New York Times)
Driving on the BQE-Gowanus Expressway without the Kentile sign? Too sad to fathom. (Oddly, I've never blogged about it before this. It's always just been there.)

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  1. Now if only the "R" in "FLOORS" were missing, we might know where to begin looking:

    The Lonesome R Ranch (May 31 post).

    (I get that this is "only blogging", but that doesn't mean there aren't many mysteries, and myriad clues everywhere... maybe.)