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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ahab on the M4

How does that part in Moby Dick go: 

"Ship and boat diverged; the cold, damp night breeze blew between: a screaming gull flew overhead; the two hulls wildly rolled; we gave three heavy hearted cheers, and plunged like fate into the lone Atlantic."

Blindly plunged like fate into the lone M4.

From Turtle Diaries by Russell Hoban. The novel, just reissued by New York Review Books, tells the story of two middle-aged Londoners who, independently, decide to release sea turtles from the London Zoo. And then they do it. (The 1985 movie adaptation, with Ben Kingsley and Glenda Jackson, and script by Harold Pinter, is only available on used VHS tapes.)

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