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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Field of Dreams

Or Desert of Maspeth? In contrast to many highway verges profiled in earlier posts, Greening the BQE, the large barren patches where the LIE and the BQE split stand out like a sore thumb. In yesterday's post, I proposed an inflatable blue gorilla, like the one that previously adorned the New York Auto Auction in Brooklyn. What about a fountain? Public art? A final resting place for Serra's Tilted Arc? Paging Maya Lin. The Research Bureau is soliciting your suggestions.
Your Art Here
My search for an overhead photo of this blighted terrain was fruitless. A quick Google Maps search for "Maspeth BQE" will easily bring it up on Satellite view. I did discover the "Interchange of the Week" series on the Empire Roads site. Click here for the "Stub of the Week" for 18 June 2001 (hint: the LIE is involved.)

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