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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cabbages and Kings?

Driving out of Boston yesterday on the Hat (Mass Pike), I was sad to see the iconic Star Market that spans the highway has become a Shaws. Just doesn't have the same ring for the "Traffic on the 3's" as "Heavy past the Star Market overpass." A little later, listening to the Red Sox-Mariners radio broadcast, I caught this exchange:

Dave O'Brien: Shop where Joe Castiglione shops, Shaws.
Joe Castiglione: That's why it's good to be home.
Dave: I got some cucumbers the other day. Sliced them up with just a little salt. Delicious summer snack.
Joe: The cantaloupes this week have also been outstanding.
Dave: Oh, the cantaloupes have been off the charts.

Scripted or not, I love the Sox radio guys. A little later they ran through the names of all their elementary school teachers. I don't think anyone is doing product placement for Mrs. Meehan from third grade. (You can catch a little of the great team of Ken Coleman and Joe Castiglione in the background in the pretty good New England movie In the Bedroom.)

(BTW: Nearly impossible to find a photo of the Shaws (née Star Market) overpass on Google Images. Check with Homeland Security. I have a feeling there's more than cantaloupes and cucumbers at stake here.)


  1. Have all the Star Markets become Shaws??? And what of Kay McCarthy??

  2. Kay's internet presence is fading. Time for a revival. Not the same Star Market but check out the Kids from Star Market Mt. Auburn FaceBook page for a ton of minimum-wage memories:

  3. Oh my goodness - that FB page is fantastic! One person actually met Kay and would type up her recipe cards. The history, the history! That page is about to be "archived" whatever that means...hope it won't be lost to time.