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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bulovar Times

If you look closely at the green sign on this overpass on the BQE West (headed towards the Triboro Bridge) you can just make out Bulova Av. Take a look on the map, and you'll see it runs for barely a block before it hits St. Michaels Cemetery.

A modest reminder of the days when the Bulovars (more properly, Bulovalts) prospered throughout northwestern Queens. A quiet, precise people, they emigrated from Central Europe in the latter part of the 19th century, settling mainly in present-day Woodside, Jackson Heights, and East Elmhurst. Some maintain they were a Celtic tribe, others Fino-estonian.

Whatever the case, they're gone now. A tidy church and some communal homes remain in Woodside, now used by the Latter Day Saints (see below). On the other side of St. Michaels Cemetery from Bulova Ave. stands their greatest achievement: The Bulova Corporate Center (left). What they did or made there now sadly lost to the eddies of time.

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  1. is this a piece of fiction? Who doesn't know what the Bulova factory made (WATCHES!)

    i am guessing it's an attempt at humor--(i am too literal at times to enjoy spoofs.)