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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something Wild Again

Wait, are you telling me there's a film with John Waters, John Sayles, and the band the Feelies (playing a high school reunion dance)? Not to mention the greatest Melanie Griffith performance ever as Lulu the bejeweled hipster-flapper who (more or less) kidnaps Jeff Daniel's mild-mannered but rebel-at-heart office slave Charlie Driggs?  And a really scary Ray Liotta as the ex?  And you haven't seen it? At least twice? In over a decade? True, it takes place mostly in NJ, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Long Island (it's a road movie) but it somehow nails New York in the manic mid-80s.  Jonathan Demme made it.  Criterion has just rereleased it on DVD.  It's worth watching for the opening credits alone--a water tour of New York City over the gorgeous David Byrne and Celia Cruz track "Loco de Amor." But every track is great. And, yes, there's a glimpse of the BQE as it passes under the Brooklyn Bridge--though not in the trailer. Check it out:

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