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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Hope to Enter Here

This post begins an eagerly unanticipated series on the venerable Kosciuszko Bridge--while we still have her. But where is the bridge? Easy now, first you need to get onto the BQE. This is the view from the Queens side of the bridge on a pretty typical Tuesday morning: four lanes converging to a one-lane on-ramp to the BQE. That mean that seven lanes become three within, oh, an eighth of a mile of the bridge. Magic!

Well, we either need to build a new bridge--and that's the plan--or adopt my favored strategy: cut off access to the BQE from the LIE. That would eliminate two of those converging lanes. And would we really miss all those Long Islanders?

Next post: A little history. Polish history.

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