Greenpoint, October, 2015

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Not Chucking It In Yet

Be the BQE is moving, from one end of the BQE to the other. Well, actually slightly beyond the BQE to Staten Island. (The Research Bureau offices remain in Jackson Heights.)
The USPS makes changing address pretty easy on-line. You even get to change your voter registration. You do need to mail a confirmation to your local Board of Elections. Item C is provided for rural voters, those without street addresses. The example diagram brought back my own RFD (rural free delivery) childhood. While we didn't grow up on Woodchuck Road, we were just a few minutes' walk from Route 2 (a.k.a, the Norwich-Westerly Road). The public middle school (Preston Plains) was on the opposite corner, however. There was no grocery store within miles, unless you counted Lu Macs.


  1. Wait, you didn't count Lu Macs? What about all that Oleo Margarine?

    1. Robyn, I am not counting the Wampa Woman either, with her squirrel candies and "penny tax."

    2. This is shocking news. Hope the reports continue!