Greenpoint, October, 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cheek to Chucky

Got on the 1 train at South Ferry. A woman carrying a shopping bag got on right behind me. She stood in the door looking out and shouted, "Blue! Blue!" I couldn't tell whether she was calling for the cops or a dog. Eventually she sat down and put the shopping bag on the seat between us. Just before the door closed, a guy got on the train. "Where was you?" she asked. "I called for you." He told her about some trouble with the MetroCard. He seemed a little miffed that she had got on the train before he made it through the turnstiles. "I called you like five times. Four or three times. You can ask the people on the train." I waited for the question but it didn't come.
They talked about switching trains at 59th St. and whether or not to get off at Chambers to go to a Chinese restaurant. They both seemed very tired. I glanced down to see what was in the shopping bag. A Chucky doll in a bright yellow box with red and blue letters: "He wants you to be his friend"

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