Greenpoint, October, 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lemon Lite

Damn, but it's been a long time since Joe Ely appeared on the blog--and a lot lot longer since I saw him at the Bottom Line with a very young K.D. Laing opening. Couldn't help but think of him when I saw this scene unfolding on Forest Avenue on Staten Island. It's not exactly a "cherry on top" anymore but, then again, the Bud in the truck isn't really Bud anymore.

The call me the Crazy Lemon.
I'm crazy, wild, free for a while.
I can't help what they think, I was born that way.
I'll be a little crazy till my dyin' day.
Just a man on the run, they call the Crazy Lemon.
It's true that I stole the Budweiser truck.
I changed my mind but the truck got stuck
In a muddy ditch, so I hitched it back again.
The second car that passed had a cherry on top
But just my luck it was the first to stop.
They said with a grin, "Looky here, it's the Crazy Lemon."

From the great Down on the Drag LP (1979), though I heard it first on the equally great bonus EP that came with Live Shots (1980).

Keep on runnin', you Crazy Lemon...

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