Greenpoint, October, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sparkling Ice

Plenty of ice. Not so much sparkle.


  1. Well, a wee glimmer of a sparkle maybe, from that LED, which can pretend to sparkle because it's tucked safely into the taillight mounting, which in turn is located a bit nearer whatever heat is being artificially generated inside that greyish vehicle.

    But if we are to trust that the ICE sign is actually affixed to the top of the boxy yellow vehicle (and not, for example, merely being held up by a gag of sherpas artfully concealed between that vehicle and the fence)... well, then what?

    And for some reason, despite myself, I do trust that.

    Some groundless idle speculations MUST be trusted, after all -- I mean, if not, what will there be left to believe in, anyway?

  2. Hmm, by "gag" I must have meant "gang", not "gaggle", though maybe the later would have been more accurate in any case.

    I mean, a gaggle of artful and devious sherpas might have been able to sneak through customs, but surely not a whole gang of 'em. (And indeed, holding up an ICE sign would have to be seen more as a job for a gaggle than a job for a whole gang... plus which, don't gangsters always demand convenient hours, plus benefits?)

    Though, then again, in amid yesterday's barrage of riveting news, didn't I see something about Boehner and the Boys locking out funding for Homeland Security??

    (No, certainly it must have been a hallucination, derived purely from that form of wishful thinking known as seeing what you want to see, not what's there.)

    1. Tom, I have seen the occasional homeless person panhandling at this intersection (just off the Staten Island Expressway), but never a playful Sherpa holding aloft a sign for Sparkling Ice. But now I do!