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Monday, January 26, 2015

Bridge for Bess - Winner!

(Photo courtesy: MTA)
It's the Henry Hudson Bridge, which carries the Henry Hudson Parkway over the Spuyten Duyvil Creek, with a magnificent view of the Hudson River to the west, and beyond it, the shores of Hudson County*. That's an awful lot of "Hudson's" in one sentence. I don't think anyone should mind giving up one to honor Bess Myerson. (Here and here for runners up.)
(Photo courtesy: My Inwood)
The bridge opened in 1936, when Bess was 12. (According to the fine My Inwood site, the ribbon-cutting was overshadowed by the abdication of King Edward). When it opened it was the longest plate girder arch and fixed arch bridge in the world. A kind of Miss America of plate girder arch and fixed arch bridges! Soaring 143 feet above the waterway, there is definitely something glamorous about it. From the span, it provides a beautiful view not only of the river and New Jersey but of the southern Bronx where Bess grew up. I think she would like it.

(Courtesy: Associated Press)
As a longtime consumer advocate, I think she'd appreciate the automated (no-stopping) toll system. Yes, I think we have a winner. I look forward to my first drive across the Bess Myerson Bridge. I'll stop off at Liebman's in Riverdale for a pastrami on rye and a Cel-Ray to celebrate.

(*Poetic license: It's actually looking Bergen Co., but Hudson Co. is just below it.)


  1. minor quibble, In side the NYC limits, the river is the NORTH river --as in the North River water treatment plant at 125th street.

    The river changes names to the Hudson river at the bronx/yonkers border.

    we have become so estranged from the river, few know the proper name...but river men do. and some besides the river men.

  2. And the East River is only East River if you're in Manhattan (or points west)!

  3. Darn it - I was holding out for Option 2!

    1. Thanks for your interest in the campaign. I think there is just as much chance the Broadway Bridge will become the Bess Myerson Bridge as any other.