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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Deuce and a Quarter

This Electra 225 has been sitting on service station/used car lot on Victory Boulevard for a couple months. Having lunch at Schaffer's Tavern, across the street, I heard a couple of the regulars gush over her beauty. The Harley sticker on the rear windshield is a nice touch.

It put me in mind of a favorite Ry Cooder song, "The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor)" from Bob till You Drop (1979). For some reason, I'd always assumed this was Ry Cooder. Turns out the writer is Sidney W. Bailey, a Memphis cab driver and songwriter Jim Dickinson brought to Cooder's attention.

Well, I put you behind the wheel of a deuce and quarter, yes I did.
Had you livin' like a rich man's daughter, yes I did.
While you were livin' high on the hog
You had me down here scuffling like a dog.
Well, the very thing that made you rich made me poor.
Very thing that made you rich made me poor.

Here's a nice version from Les Blank's 1987 film about Ry Cooder. I've posted another song from this great and still unavailable film:

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