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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Food Famous

Who could blame them for trying? The location, after all, was ideal: midway between Preston City and Jewett City, just off Route 395, in Griswold, Connecticut. Sometime around 1976 or 77, the Stott Brothers, known for selling run-down cars on their even more run-down farm property, launched their "food famous" restaurant. The place was dirty, the cooks large, the food terrible, the ice cream edible. I'm not sure how long the business lasted. A single review from 2005 shows up on the internet, but I suspect it closed years before. That's the latest "food famous" sign above; an older one--not the original,  that, I believe, was a trailer sign with moveable black letters--stands mute in front of the boarded up homestead. The propery is for sale, if you'd care to have a go.

Chocolate or sprinkles 10¢
The Slush Puppie machine is after my time. The booths look exactly the same.

About mile down the road, my older brother totaled the family's Chevy Nova. And walked away, as we said in those days.

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