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Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Bought a Badass Car

(Alas, not this one)
I bought a car this summer. Test drove a sensible subcompact with excellent fuel economy and solid reviews on Consumer Reports. In the end, went for a lightly used sports coupe with 200+ horsepower and a 6-speed manual transmission. Fun to drive!

After I bought the car, I started to look at owner websites and video reviews. It became startlingly clear the target audience for this car is men between, say, 16 and 34. Why hadn't I seen this? I mean, look at the rims for god's sake. I took off the decals hyping the "iV-tech" engine but couldn't shake the taint of "M-LC" (mid-life crisis).

I took it to the carwash for this first time. One of the kids toweling it off looked up at me and said, "Nice car." All I ever wanted.

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  1. From your description, that really sounds like a great car. And I'm guessing here, but you belong exactly to that car's target demographic, right? Because you really sound excited. If I was the one who bought that car, I would be very excited myself. Enjoy driving!

    Rigoberto Axelson @