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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Flying V

A precious family heirloom was uncovered during the holidays. The "Vega 2300" nameplate is all that remains from one of the family's few non-Dodge or Plymouth vehicles. That is back in the days when "Subaru" would most likely elicit a "God bless you."

The Chevy Vega, as some will remember, was a GM subcompact produced from 1970-77, notorious for problems with its engineering, reliability, safety, and propensity to rust. They stopped using the "2300" nameplates in 1973 (opting for the simpler "Vega"). Since this car came into the family motor pool after the Dodge Demon's departure, I am guessing we acquired ours around '81 or '82. It was promptly christened "The Flying V." The car itself didn't last long but the nameplate was hung with kitschy sincerity on the family Christmas tree for many years.

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