Greenpoint, October, 2015

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Same River Twice

I took this dull photo stopped at a red light below the BQE on Third Avenue around 31st St. Just a few blocks later, a car honked and at the next light pulled alongside. Good Samaritan: "Your hubcap just came off. Two blocks back." So I took the next left under the BQE, backtracked a couple blocks, found an illegal spot under the highway and--with no hope of success--started to look around for the missing cap. Low and behold, there it was. Two minutes later I was back where I took this photograph. And since this all happened in the Nice Smell Zone, I got another whiff of the Virginia Dare extract output. Not a bad commute.


  1. How full and gracious your life has become with this new route....

  2. I'm enjoying reading about your new detour. I seem to be hanging around the same area on foot. Am intrigued by a recent story I read about the (former)Tebo Yacht Basin, at 23rd & Third, & will be heading over there shortly. After digging around, I discovered that they had a pretty good soccer team in the mid-nineteenth century. This has led to a new pre-occupation with all the (lost) ballfields nearby. I may be heading into obsessive territory!

  3. Definitely feeling like I am in onemorefoldedsunset territory down here. I recognized the fancy building for sale you posted about and a few others. The ballpark archaeology series sounds great. Look forward to some posts on it.