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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wanted: Poet Laureate of the BQE

Fordham University Press has just issued an annotated edition of Hart Crane's poem The Bridge (1930), which, according to the critic Marjorie Perloff is "generally considered to be one of the great long poems of the early twentieth century." Thumbing through the book at St. Mark's Bookstore, I began to wonder if there are any poems that employ the BQE as a metaphor as Crane did with the Brooklyn Bridge. I recalled a poem I wrote in the mid-1980s (I wrote poems then) about my first incredulous experience driving on the BQE. The first line was: "The stealable car climbs up onto the BQE...." I forget the rest or even what the poem was about. (The car, a battered Datsun B210 wagon, was "stealable" because it had been stolen and recovered three times in one year in Providence, Rhode Island, where I was then living.)

I'll keep looking for poetic appropriations of the BQE.  Suggestions?

Crane never lived to see the BQE. He jumped to his death in 1932--not from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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